9 - 12 February 2023 

Studio Art Presents four artists at the India Art Fair Booth this year 2023.

Khalil Chishtee

Megha Joshi

Sachin Tekade

Shivani Aggarwal 


Khalil Chishtee’s works based on the exotic calligraphy is very political in nature, these calligraphic impressions can mesmerize the viewer on its first look. Generally people appreciate the elegance and aesthetics of calligraphy without trying to read it as it appears visually beautiful thus the content id often ignored.

When Urdu text is used as a decorative element, it tends to establish a connection with its mother language Arabic. By doing so he questions the relationship of form and content, he feels there is so much focus on the forms that they have lost the meaning / content of it completely. In one of his drawing series, the form and flow of calligraphy have the same sacred look but upon examining them those were actually abusive words written in Urdu or Punjabi.


Megha Joshi's Agnostic is made of simple threads that the artist has painstakingly knotted 5-6 times to create a larger knot. These are then stuck in a repetitive gestural action mimicking rituals of focus. Agnostic has empty spaces in the bead pattern - leaving space for the unknown by an atheist.

After the pandemic, there has been a huge world-wide surge in meditation - Religion has failed us. Relationships broke down. Believing in something without the burden of proof is as much a human need as a scientific one.
Increasingly people across the religious spectrum are looking inward to find peace, happiness and harmony. Spirituality has become a basic need.
Repetition, no thought, no mind, focus on a single object and being in the moment– all became the artist’s meditation with material. Strangely, she had been using materials of Hindu ritualism previously and they became her medium of choice. This is her own, unique way to look inward through art.


Sachin Tekade is inspired by the architectural philosophy of Louis I. Kahn, who believed in the power of silence and light. By exploring this concept within the realms of paper, Sachin wanted to create a sense of timelessness. What captured his imagination while studying Kahn’s architecture is the transcendent quality and a spiritual connection in the spaces. If Sachin’s art were manifested into a real life structure then the viewers entering it would be enveloped in a sense of serenity and contemplative silence.

Shivani’s work is an emotional premonition of her own situation and the thoughts that emerge from there.


Shivani Aggarwal's  set of five wooden newspapers, which touch upon ideas of preserved time, transience, lost news and quiet rebellion.The writings on the newspapers are about small radical changes in our social stereotypical thinking brought about by common citizens to bring in transformation and create alternate ways of being and living away from conformity. The work is paradoxical as it talks about rebellion and transformation while being completely static. It also touches upon the slowly diminishing printed news in this era of social media and digitalization


Shivani Aggarwal also has an outdoor Sculptural Project at the IAF 2023.

Over the past few years she has been involved with creating, enlarging, bending and twisting common everyday objects that she finds in her regular environment. They are symbolic of functionality where the personal , political or societal are constantly being challenged. Her art practice has evolved into three- dimensional installations in wood, fiberglass, terracotta and thread. Her use of the red thread in her previous body of works has been significant to her voice.





Booth A5 

9 - 12  FEBRUARY, 2023  

NSIC Exhibition Grounds | Okhla, New Delhi