TRUTH OR DARE : Curated by Sandeep Biswas

10 April - 10 June 2023


 While the truth can bedisguised, one must dare to question its intent.”


Women in India have had a substantial role in the growth of  Indian economy. Despite a lack of access to capital, they have proved to be more efficient and have a higher level of performance , which categorises them as low risk and high return, creating a positive impact on Indian economy as well as social responsibilityDespite this data, the formal participation of women as a work force in India remains low.


Better education, choices and an aspiration to live a modern life has become a stronger priority over the recent years. We are slowly adapting to change not only as a society, but also within as individuals. Somewhere we do subconsciously realise the importance of growth as an egalitarian societyEvery change requires a collective moral sacrifice. A sacrifice where another can be placed on a deserved position based on capability over brute strength.  


What causes a society to define or assess gender roles? What and who are being protected through these traditional normsHow have we progressed as a society if we decide on someone’s extent of freedom? How does our society change and grow if we continue to hang on to such age old norms ?


 Through the exhibition "Truth or Dare”we put together visual stories by a few women photographers and filmmakerswho have sensitively explored this changing world of women from various stratas of life in India.


These are a few success stories of these handful of individuals who gathered immense strength and courage to fight, break out and create a change within their lives in a strongly conventional patriarchal society. These images depict a new modern era of gender egalitarianism and societal evolution, as a much desired achievement for humanity. Yet, a lot needs to be pondered upon before we call ourselves a fair and an evolved race.


 Sandeep Biswas  |  2023